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Des Poignées De Porte De Luxe À Petit Budget: Trouver Des Options Abordables

When we think of luxury, a door handle may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet these small details can have a huge impact on the style and feel of your home. Beautiful door handles that match your decor enhance interior design while improving functionality. However, high-end handle styles often come with high prices that stretch budgets.

The good news is that you can incorporate high-end door knobs or handles into any home without breaking the bank. Knowing where to find alternative deals and materials makes luxury door hardware accessible. Follow these insider tips to enjoy stylish handles that unleash sophistication at affordable prices. In this blog post we will see how to change door handle.

Evaluate your existing door handle hardware

Before choosing new door handles, look at what is currently installed on interior and exterior doors.

  • Documenting the existing layout helps identify which handles should be replaced first based on visibility, use and wear. This also tells you the installation method to properly match replacement handles.
  • Check to see if existing doors have mortise or cylinder locks that match standard handle dimensions. For unusual vintage doors, custom measurements may be necessary to locate appropriate modern handles.
  • Also evaluate locking mechanisms while ensuring current keys provide adequate security. The new door handle provides a perfect opportunity to upgrade problematic locks and simplify keyed entries, which is only beneficial.
  • Also consider the finishing color palette currently in place. Take notes on finishes like brushed nickel, matte black, or oil-rubbed bronze. Finding door handles in consistent metal finishes avoids clashes with original styles still in place elsewhere.
  • Make sure doorknob finishes also coordinate well with existing light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and other visible metal decor details.

Define the style of your luxury door handle

Luxury can mean different things to different owners. Define what premium handle style means for your space before sorting through affordable options. Carefully selected door handles that match your personal aesthetic preferences enhance perceived quality.

Consider architectural styles and prominent interior designs that could inspire handles.

  • For traditional spaces, crystal cut glass or ceramic knobs offer timeless sophistication.
  • Contemporary interiors welcome modern angular handles in polished chrome or matte gold.
  • Nature lovers adorn their doors with organic branches or agate stone handles.
  • Mediterranean homes shine with wrought iron finishes or colorful touches of glazed ceramic.

Beyond superficial style, make sure the shape and size also logically aligns with the doors.

  • Larger handles stand out on simple cabinet fronts in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Bold lever handles contrast beautifully on ultra-modern narrow door fronts to accentuate corners.
  • Tiny knobs or handles blend discreetly into ornate old-world doors.

Find the ideal combination of handle proportions, design and finishes, personalized for your interior concept.

Window shopping Luxury designer showrooms

When we imagine luxury handles, we often first think of iconic furniture showrooms. Places like Restoration Hardware and Williams Sonoma offer high-end hardware among collections of high-end appliances, plumbing, and lighting. Dazzling in-store displays align with luxury living. However, designer prices often deter budget-conscious shoppers from even browsing.

Yet visiting these designer showrooms still provides valuable inspiration on style trends and allows for first-hand assessment of true high-quality materials.

  • Note the finishes, designs and even brand that you find most appealing to inform affordable searches elsewhere.
  • Also ask about installation requirements and functionality of the locks.
  • Take photos only of what appeals to you aesthetically, then reference them when looking for budget options.

Beyond luxury retailers, also explore showrooms specializing in kitchens, baths and hardware. Keep an eye out for rare exotic woods or custom builds that you can source inexpensively from local sellers. Having a clear vision of dream handles makes it easier to recognize cheaper alternatives.

Look for alternative materials

The overall cost of luxury handles comes from the use of fine materials like solid brass, stainless steel, hand-blown glass and exotic stones. Knowing how to find more accessible alternatives with comparable aesthetic beauty is the key to staying on budget.

  • Look for handles made from woods like bamboo, teak or rich walnuts rather than endangered rainforest species.
  • Or choose artist-grade resin, porcelain, and poly-marble composite pulls that mimic the elegance of natural stone at a fraction of the price.
  • Even faux crystal glass offers the same refractive rainbow sparkle thanks to precision faceting applied to the cast acrylic.
  • For metal handles, brushed nickel and antique bronze offer the prestigious look of wrought iron and aged brass at a lower cost.

Pay attention to handling weight and reinforcing pins as indicators of the internal structural integrity of the metals. Lighter hardware often relies excessively on a veneer that scratches quickly, leaving uneven wear. The right combination of interior alloy density with plated finishes creates the intrigue of permanently affordable high-quality metals.

Knowing where these doorknob materials fall on the cost spectrum helps recognize true luxury offerings versus inflated designer prices. Finding moderate, well-designed alternatives allows economical access to fashion-forward styles.

Explore discount and pickup options

Before resorting solely to cheap plastic handles from big-box hardware stores, first explore lower-cost, elite options from discount retailers and architectural salvagers.

  • Discount home furnishings stores sell high-end door hardware at significantly reduced prices due to excess inventory and minor cosmetic defects. Profile the selections available locally through these retailer deal channels before purchasing anything at full price.
  • For more unique vintage and antique finds, architectural salvagers should become a go-to source for doorknobs.
  • Old antique stores and flea markets can offer surprises like unbranded vintage crystal or ceramic knobs.

When buying used, carefully inspect the handles for any structural damage that could impact safety. Clean any tarnished or dirty parts with metal polish to uncover functional finishes like brass patinas. Often, “flaws” are barely visible or serve as an artistic imperfection reflecting the complex history of a home – all at a fraction of the original prices.

How to change the door handle or install it strategically?

Standard interior doors average 30 to 36 inches wide. This generally fits most handle lengths well without leaving the front door space exposed. However, other door dimensions, sizes and configurations may impact the visual fit of replacement handles.

  • Watch out for particularly heavy or oversized handles that appear undersized or floating on small, narrow cottage doors, for example.
  • Go slightly wider than the width of the door to give the bold handles enough frameless canvas to shine.
  • On the other hand, very tall door handles can overwhelm narrow pantry doors. Keep costs down by going small here to maintain proportions.
  • Also use discretion when mixing high-end handles with basic builder doors found in many open-concept homes. Raised handles can over-emphasize barren pressed doors.

Consider consolidating expensive hardware onto decorative doors only, such as the entryway, while making simpler upgrades elsewhere.


Learn how to install door handles:

Once you’ve secured quality luxury door handles at clearance prices, devote your time to installing them yourself as the final budget trim. Although swapping out standard door handles seems simple, some custom handles require drilling new, properly aligned holes.

  • First watch the manufacturer’s videos or consult professional guides to properly measure and size the holes to tighten the screws securely.
  • Invest in a sturdy drilling kit that includes a tape measure, stud finder, hole saw kit, pencil and screwdrivers.
  • Check online tutorials for your exact handle model in advance, then carefully widen existing knob holes if necessary.
  • Keep the handle level and centered during installation for performance and aesthetic reasons.
  • Also replace problem locks when replacing knobs. Take a methodical room-by-room approach to tackling installation throughout an entire home over a weekend.
  • Follow safety procedures like wearing protective eyewear and removing doors completely before drilling to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Touch up any paint, plaster, metal filing burrs and cleaning needed so the handles shine perfectly when reinstalled and tested.


Where can I find premium door handles at discounted prices?

Check home furnishings stores, antique stores, architectural resale stores and even sites like Craigslist to find used luxury door hardware, significantly discounted from the original retail price.


How do I know if a discounted door handle is still good quality?

Inspect the density and robust weighting of metal finishes. Check the thickness of materials like wood or crystal. Brand engravings can confirm the creator’s origins. Temporarily install a handle to ensure smooth locking, locking and ease of use over time to ensure performance.


What measurements do I need to purchase new handles?

Measure current distances between holes for knobs/deadbolts to match locations. Note the mortise and cylinder locks. Also measure the width of the doors to select the ideal handle lengths covering the front surface attractively.


Can I install premium handles myself?

With the right drill bit set and hardware installation tools, most standard handles with manufacturer’s instructions included can be installed by yourself. Watch online tutorials to tackle more complex handle designs or unusual vintage doors that require specialist experience.


How can I make basic handles look luxurious?

Elevate the perceived quality of even simple modern brushed nickel or matte black handles with creative style combinations. Group it with coordinating designer-inspired cabinet hardware or artfully position it as a standalone focal point on brightly colored doors for a dramatic look.



Personalizing your doorknob will add a personal touch to your entryway. It must therefore be finely finished and elegant. Additionally, it must be installed correctly. To learn the basics of how to change a door handle, you can take help from this blog post. To benefit from a perfect handle for your door, visit Karl Hoffmann’s online store.

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