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Poignées De Porte Adaptées Aux Enfants: Assurer La Sécurité À La Maison

It is necessary that you use child safety for your door. It is a simple piece of equipment, but it plays a key role in preventing children from entering dangerous areas. If the door is properly locked, a child cannot leave without supervision.

In this context, we are going to discover the world of child safety locks for doors. Check out how these door handles work and the different options available to suit your needs.

Why should parents use a door handle with safety locks?

If you’re worried about your child walking through a door when they shouldn’t, a safety lock can help. Many parents use child safety locks to prevent a young child from accidentally or intentionally opening a door. This is necessary because children going out alone can be risky.

A child-proof door handle can also be used to keep children in a room. You can use these locks in a playroom or bedroom.

Child safety locks can keep children away from certain areas of the home. You can prevent children from entering the kitchen or garage. These areas may contain items that could cause injury, such as sharp objects or chemicals.

The dangers of having an exterior door handle without security locks:

When a young child goes out without an adult, it worries most parents. There are good reasons for this anxiety.

A big fear is that the child might get lost. This can be scary for everyone and it is not safe for the child either. Children can easily enter dangerous places, such as a busy street or a place where construction work is taking place. They may also be threatened by strangers who might want to take or harm them. Additionally, a child may not know how to protect themselves from vehicles or wild animals. They don’t understand the rules for talking to people they don’t know.

All of these dangers become worse because children are curious. They don’t know how to be safe when they are outside alone.

So the best thing to do is to have an exterior door handle with a security lock.

Secure your home with the right door handles:

You need to choose the right handles that have safety features. This will help keep your home safe for your children.

Choosing the Right Exterior Door Handle

Door knob cover

A door knob cover is a device that fits over a knob. This makes it difficult for children to turn around and open the door. You can place them inside and outside the door.


  • They are not too expensive and easy to set up.
  • This is a simple way to prevent children from opening doors.
  • You can use them on all kinds of door handles, including round and lever ones.


  • They are not as secure as other locks. Some children sometimes find a way to remove them or open the door.
  • They can be difficult for adults to use, especially if they have difficulty moving their hands.
  • Even though they are transparent, they don’t look pretty on the door.


 Deadbolt or security chain

A deadbolt or an armored door chain are also a good option. To properly secure children, place the deadbolt or chain above the door handle. It should be high enough to prevent children from reaching it and unlocking the door. They shouldn’t be able to reach it even if they are standing on something like a chair.


  • These solutions work well to prevent children from opening the door.
  • They are simple to install on the door and frame.
  • They are easy to unlock for adults or older children who can reach them.


Remember to lock the deadbolt or reattach the safety chain every time you close the door. Some parents think they might forget to do this.


Lever handle locks 

These specialized types of locks are designed to fit a door’s lever handle. This makes it difficult to push and open the door. Lever handle locks can be applied to both the interior door handle and the exterior of the door.


  • They are relatively inexpensive and simple to set up.
  • This is a simple way to prevent children from opening doors.


  • They may not provide as much security as other types of locks.
  • Some adults with limited hand mobility may have difficulty using them.
  • They might not look very attractive on the exterior door handle. This can impact the overall appearance.


     The door guard’s lock

The Door Guardian is a special latch that you place on the inside of your door. You need to connect to the door frame. Unlike other locks, it does not cover the doorknob or handle. This won’t stop them from turning around. Instead, it uses a special pin lock system to connect to the door frame. Even if someone tries to turn the knob or handle, the door will not open. Remember, this works best for doors that open inward, not outward.


  • It is simple to install and you do not need to use drills or screws.
  • It uses a unique pin locking method that connects to the door frame. This makes it a strong and tamper-proof lock.
  • Adults can open it easily in an emergency.


  • This will not work for doors that open outward.
  • This can be tricky for people with limited hand mobility.
  • It may not be as secure as other locks. Additionally, it may not fit all types of door frames.

    Sliding door locks

These locks are designed to mount on sliding doors and prevent them from being opened. You can use them inside or outside the sliding door. These door handles work on glass, wood or metal doors.


  • They are not too expensive and easy to set up.
  • You can usually place them at whatever height you want.
  • They give sliding doors an extra layer of protection. This is important because children can open sliding doors easily.


Some types of sliding door locks may not work with all types of sliding door tracks.


Choosing the Best Interior Door Handle

When childproofing your home, remember to properly lock it with the door handles inside your home. This is important for rooms that contain items that may be dangerous, such as the bathroom, closets, or pantry.

Magnetic cabinet lock

They use a magnetic key to protect cabinets and drawers. This prevents children from reaching potentially dangerous objects.


  • These locks are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Magnetic cabinet locks are hidden from view. This makes it an ideal choice for keeping children out of cabinets and drawers.
  • They can be used on different types of cabinets and drawers.


  • Magnetic keys can be misplaced or lost, which can cause unlocking difficulties.
  • They may not work with all types of cabinets and drawers.
  • Not all interior door handles are compatible with these locks.

  Electronic cabinet lock

Electronic cabinet locks have a code or key card to unlock cabinets and drawers. They can be controlled remotely. They provide better security for specific rooms or areas of your home.


  • These locks offer a higher level of security,
  • They restrict access to particular rooms or areas of the home, such as a home office or garage.
  • Electronic cabinet locks can be programmed with multiple codes or key cards. This allows multiple people to access the secure area.


  • Electronic cabinet locks are more expensive than other types of locks.
  • They require a power source, such as batteries or an outlet, to operate.
  • Some cabinets and drawers with complex designs or shapes may not work with these locks.
  • Not all cabinet door or drawer handles are compatible with electronic locks.
  • These locks can be affected by power outages or low battery.

   Top door lock 

This is ideal for most interior door handles. This interior door lock can be installed on the door and frame


  • It locks on both sides.
  • Quick setup.
  • Adults can easily unlock the door.


May not provide adequate security as

 Door monkey

This door handle locks onto the door and grips the frame. It allows air circulation.


  • Allows the passage of small animals.
  • Simple to attach and automatically lock.
  • Prevents fingers from getting caught when doors slam.

  Unlocking the door 

It can also be a suitable way to protect interior doors from children.


  • Prevent children from locking themselves out.
  • Allows you to open the locked door on the other side.
  • Can be released with a thin, long object such as a safety pin or small screwdriver.


Your child’s safety is important. For this, it is necessary to use appropriate child locks on the doors. Use the best interior door lock and exterior door handle for your child’s safety. Discover the different types of handles from Karl Hoffmann. Choose one that suits your needs. This company makes the best handles for different types of doors. So, select the right child safety lock for your home and protect your children.


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