poignée de porte originale

Comment Choisir Une Poignée De Porte D’origine Exceptionnelle

Modern door handles have come a long way from the standard long steel gray plate handle with exposed screws. They now feature remarkable aesthetics, offering a wide range of options. Whether you prefer round or square rosettes, door handles are available in various materials and shapes. They are available with or without keys, and with or without counter plates. Here we present a curated selection of the most beautiful and contemporary original door handle designs.

DOM PIRA: The Jewel Of Door Handles

This interior door handle immediately catches the eye with its futuristic appearance. This handle looks like a rough diamond. A modern masterpiece, it will enhance the aesthetic of your living room or bedroom door.

The material used is just as contemporary: zamak, an alloy of aluminium, copper and zinc. Being recyclable, zamak offers many advantages, including malleability, ease of maintenance, durability and resistance.

You can choose between chrome or nickel finishes to complement the style of your home. For different rooms, these handles can be combined with the corresponding backplates (with key lock or latch).

DOM SKIN: The « Snakeskin » Golden Door Handle

This interior door handle exudes elegance as it unrolls gracefully like a snake on its round top. The slender body, adorned with elegant scales, evokes the finesse of haute couture products. It is made of zamak, an alloy of zinc and aluminum.

This luxury gold door handle combines high quality precision with the durability to withstand frequent daily use. With a choice of nickel or bronze finish, this pull adds an elegant or wild touch to your interior. It really makes the interiors stand out.

MANDELLI JUNO: The Concrete Door Handle

This door handle breaks convention in the most captivating way. Crafted from concrete, it features a mineral finish that offers both extreme strength and a velvety feel. The use of concrete as a material for a door handle brings durability and modernity.

Its sleek design includes a round stainless steel rosette forming a tapered base. This elegantly complements the simple shaped handle, creating a striking effect. With mineral finishes like graphite, ash, sand, powder and taupe, it echoes the essence of the earth. Adding the back plate with a key or latch completes the set. All this results in a remarkably successful design.

WIND: The Revolutionary Black Door Handle

Embodying absolute modernity and originality, this door handle without plate presents itself as a true work of art. It exudes purity and contemporary design. The sobriety and extreme simplicity of the handle become delicious surprises. Made of Zamak, this handle guarantees both beauty and resistance. It guarantees that it stands the test of time.

The different finishes offer an avenue of creativity, allowing you to choose contrasting combinations. You can choose a black door handle on a white door or a bronze finish on a dark door. The sheen of the handle shines whether it’s polished chrome on a matte or glass door. Even plywood comes in extraordinary shapes, making this door handle an indispensable ally for adding originality. It adds a touch of refinement to your interior decoration.

QUEZO: The Refined Interior Handle

This original door handle demonstrates virtuoso design skills. Its square plate contrasts beautifully with the perfect elliptical leaf shape of the neck. The nickel finish adds a radiant touch to plain or black wood doors, as well as glass doors. Its counterplate, available with a key or a latch, creates a harmonious symmetry. It enhances the contrasting beauty of this luxurious product. The QUEZO pull perfectly complements the modern chic vibe with its stunning aesthetic appeal.

DOM POLARIS: Contemporary Door Handles

It features a shiny porcelain-like color with tapered shapes towards the end of the handle. The DOM POLARIS door handle presents itself as an exceptional product, radiating luxury and voluptuousness. Its main asset lies in the power of its color. It brings boldness and style to your interior decoration. For those who love bright colors, multicolored doorknobs offer an amazing range of choices. You can choose from lemon yellow and bright orange, strawberry red, ocean blue or apple green.

ROLL: The Original Ultra Trendy Door Handle

It combines wood and steel with clean lines and a sophisticated design. The gold Roll door handle features a mix of contemporary elements. The contrast between the warmth of wood and the satin finish of steel creates captivating effects. While the rounded lines imbue the handle with a feeling of smoothness and finesse.

Made from durable zamak, this interior handle ensures longevity and retains its pristine finish even with frequent use. The possibility of adding a back plate with an I or L key or a lock guarantees the privacy of your room.

TWIST: The Twisted Inner Handle

The TWIST interior handle is modern, unique and durable. It has a nickel plated finish and twisted center. It is made from resistant zamak for lovers of original door handles .

Key Points To Remember When Choosing Door Handles:

Aesthetics: Look for door handles that match your interior style and decor. Unique handles can add a unique touch to your doors and improve the overall aesthetic of your space.

Materials: Pay attention to the materials used in the handles. High quality materials like zamak, stainless steel or concrete can ensure durability and longevity.

Functionality: Consider the type of handle you need – lever handles, button handles or pull handles. Also check if they have a latch or key lock depending on the purpose of the door (eg bedroom, bathroom, main entrance).

Ergonomics: Make sure the black door handle or the original handle is comfortable to grip and use. Test their usability to make sure they are convenient and practical.

Finishes: Choose from different finishes like chrome, nickel and bronze. Or you can choose from unique colors to complement your interior and match other fixtures.

Backplates: Some handles come with matching backplates, adding visual appeal and protecting the door surface. Consider whether you want back plates with a keyhole or a locking mechanism.

Durability: Choose handles that resist wear and tear, especially if they will be used frequently.

Easy Maintenance: Handles made of materials that are easy to clean and maintain will save you time and effort in the long run.

Brand Reputation: Buy from reputable brands or manufacturers known for their craftsmanship and quality. Karl Hoffmann is a place where you can find a wide range of quality gold door handles.

Budget: Set a budget and explore handles within that range. Remember that original and unique designs can come at a high cost. But it’s worth the money you spend on these amazing grips.

Compatibility: Make sure the handles you choose are compatible with your existing doors or door hardware.

Personal Preferences: Ultimately, choose handles that resonate with your style and taste. Choose something that you really like and that you will enjoy seeing and using every day.


conclusion, modern door handles have evolved significantly from traditional designs. With striking aesthetics, varied materials and unique shapes, there are endless options to choose from. When selecting the black door handle, consider aesthetics, materials, functionality, ergonomics, finishes and backplates. You should also consider aspects such as durability, maintenance, brand reputation, budget, compatibility, and personal preference. Investing in high quality door handles adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your space. It helps to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

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